There are approximately 60 million cats and 75 million dogs in the United States. ¼ of all US households are cat owners while 1/3 are dog owners. And yet, veterinary practices see 4 times more dogs than they do cats. Those numbers don’t add up, do they?


Too many companion cats do not receive the care they need and deserve. At CATalyst, we know it’s a team effort to create a lasting impact on feline health and care, and through our partnerships and health-centric programs we can connect more cats with a lifetime of healthcare.


The CATalyst Council embraces community-wide relationships to get more cats adopted into homes, educate pet owners on the importance of regular veterinary care, and enables veterinarians to engage with cat owners to provide optimal lifetime healthcare for more feline patients. Cats Mean Business, and so do we.

cat at vet with client

GET INVOLVED! What You Can Do: