About CATalyst Council

The CATalyst Council enables the lifelong health and welfare of companion cats. Founded in 2008, we bring together data, knowledge and resources from shelter and adoption organizations, the veterinary community, and industry stakeholders to collaborate on programs and communication to further our vision that companion cats receive a lifetime of care.

woman kissing cat on head

Through the continuing efforts of the CATalyst Council:

Pet owners are connected to and understand the importance of regular veterinary care for their cats.

Through the continuing efforts of the CATalyst Council:

Veterinarians provide a positive experience for cats and cat owners and believe that caring for cats is an essential part of a profitable, sustainable practice.

Through the continuing efforts of the CATalyst Council:

Shelters and veterinarians work as partners to educate adopting families on positive cat care practices.


42.7 Million

U.S. Households Own a Cat*

noun_Adopt a Pet_26801-400px

50% of all Pet

Adoptions are Cats**


62 Million Cats

Are Owned as Pets in the US***


46% of Owned Cats

Did NOT Visit a Vet in 2016 (Compared to 17% of Dogs)***

* 2019-2020 National Pet Owner Survey, American Pet Products Association and US Census
** Pethealth, Inc.
*** 2017-2018 US Pet Owner and Demographics Sourcebook, American Veterinary Medical Assn.

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