Available Now: The Catalyst Report. Gain Comprehensive Insights on Feline Wellness


Benefit from Insights of 400 veterinarians and over 1900 pet owners

CATalyst Council is pleased to announce the new, unique The CATalyst Report – State of the Cat: Wellness and Nutrition 2024.


Over a year in development with industry experts, The CATalyst Report provides unrivaled content on Feline Health. Gain invaluable insights on feline wellness and nutrition from 400 veterinarians and over 1900 pet owners. Examples include:


    • Only 54% of the 1900 respondents are completely satisfied with the Veterinarian.
    • 17% of cat owners surveyed had never had a cat before
    • Cat owners reported that the veterinarian provided instructions on how to make transport less stressful only 30% of the time; veterinarians said they did 65% of the time


Get the data you need to help avoid blind spots in your strategic decisions.


The Management Insights Report: $27,500
In-depth analysis and summary of extensive findings from both the Pet Owner and Veterinarian surveys useful in guiding management and investment decisions in the feline wellness sector.


The Analyst Report $12,500
Additional in-depth survey data and analysis of three years of PIMS-sourced metrics from 1,250 practices delivering care to over 1.5 million patients. Includes a live presentation to early-adopters of this seminal report (purchase before August 1, 2024). A value of up to $3,500


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By accelerating innovation in feline care, the CATalyst Council works to enhance the quality of life for cats and their people. Started in 2008, the Catalyst Council brings together cross-sector experts from academia, veterinary practice, shelter and adoption organizations, manufacturing, insurance and industry stakeholders, with the goal of enhancing communication and interdisciplinary collaboration on the welfare of Cats.


For close to two decades, the organization has brought together knowledge, data and resources and has collaborated on multiple programs and communications that have helped further the vision that companion cats receive a lifetime of care. To learn more, contact Jane Brunt, DVM at