State of the Cat

Relationships and data to advance lifelong care for companion cats

State of the Cat Report (Coming Soon)

  • Comprehensive view of feline care in the United States and Canada
  • Annual report of cat owner, veterinary, and industry data to drive improvements in trends and care of companion cats

Telehealth for Cats

CATalyst Council recognizes the imperative value of telehealth and believes that telemedicine benefits all stakeholders in cat health and welfare:

  • The cat can meet a veterinarian on its own terms without external stressors associated with transport.
  • The cat owner can establish a relationship with a veterinarian in a familiar setting in a familiar manner using a familiar format.
  • The veterinarian will gain the ability to address environmental situations and human-animal interaction to establish the need and foundation for a physical examination.
  • The local, state, and national communities of veterinary and animal welfare individuals and organizations will collaborate to solve community cat challenges. Underserved and resource-restricted cat owners will have access to appropriate and professional care for their companions.


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