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Ten funny reasons to adopt a cat

 1.You'll have a lot to choose from.

2. Kittens are easier than puppies, and equally ADORABLE. 

3. It’s about time you started the longest relationship you’ll ever have.

4. It’s time to neaten up those electrical cords anyway.

5. Kittens are much better entertainment than “real” housewives from anywhere, vampire dramas, and (lack of) talent shows.

6. You need to improve your skills at photographing things in perpetual motion.

7. Kittens find you attractive even when you’re wearing sweatpants and have bad hair.

8. The cat you already have is bored, sedentary, or getting too big for his britches.

9. You’re bored, sedentary, or getting too big for your britches.

10. It’s never a bad time to make unconditional love a part of your life.

Courtesy of the News Gazette

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