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Kayti McCluskey-Russo

Kayti McCluskey-Russo
Social Media and Marketing Intern


Kayti McCluskey-Russo is excited to be joining the CATalyst team as our new Social Media Intern. She earned her Bachelors of Psychology with a minor in Communications from the University of California, San Diego, where her studies focused on behavior and marketing strategies. She has spent much time volunteering for various other causes and is very excited to now be making a difference in the health and happiness of animals. She has several years’ experience in customer service, but looks forward to creating a career in marketing and hopes that she will always be able to incorporate the helping of animals into her work. She comes from a blended family, which has included a variety of pets from goat to rats to a mess of siblings. She currently owns and adores a talkative black cat named Pearl, who relishes getting in the way of all important activities. In her spare time, Kayti likes to read and indulge in Netflix. When her cat isn’t sprawled across the keyboard, Kayti also keeps a blog of her misadventures. Kayti enjoys taking on challenging new projects, the latest of which includes leash training her cat in preparation for a cross-country move. She currently resides in Niceville, Florida, but looks forward to relocating to Tacoma, Washington this spring.
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